Best French Fries

Who doesn’t love a batch of French Fries? I’ve definitely got a huge weakness for some salty French Fries especially when I see them on menus of restaurants I love.  Lots of places make a solid French Fry but just a select few make amazing fries.

My favorite French Fry in Baltimore may not be a favorite for everyone due to the flavoring that this place puts on.  If you want to find my FAVORITE French fries in Baltimore you should head on down to Mt. Vernon’s Brewers Art.  The Rosemary Garlic Fries are the best I have found in the city.  They aren’t light on flavor and they are always cooked golden and crispy.  No matter what delectable food I get at this amazing restaurant, I always save room for an order of their fries.  In addition to the great fries they have an awesome in-house beer selection too that is sure to find a liking to everyone’s beer palette.  Another plus? You can choose between a very nice sit down meal, or a casual night at the bar with their great bar menu.

Brewers Art Location:

1106 North Charles Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Hours of Operation: OPEN DAILY 4pm-1:30am

Price of Fries? 5.00


Best Greek Omelet

Everyone who knows my Greek roots knows I have a soft spot for a good Greek Omelet.  At all of the breakfast spots in Baltimore I still can’t find a better Greek Omelet than the Greek Omelet at the New Wyman Park Restaurant.  This small “od school” diner is full of locals and gets pretty packed during peak breakfast and lunch hours.  As easy it would be to pass by this diner I highly recommend coming in just to get this omelet. (The home fries are great too).

What makes this Greek Omelet better than the rest? It’s fresh as can be and it is LOADED with good quality feta. (Nothing is worse than grocery store crumbled feta).

The other breakfast options here are not bad if you are with people who are not Greek Omelet fans, just remember, I told you to get the Greek Omelet when coming here. Almost everything on the menu is under $10 too if you’re on a budget!

New Wyman Park Details:

138 W 25th Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21218

OPEN: Monday-Friday 6am-4pm, Saturday 6am-3pm, CLOSED SUNDAYS

Best Doughnuts

I know way too many people cherish their Fractured Prune, Krispy Kreme, or Dunkin’ Donuts doughnut creations but I have yet to find a better doughnut than the simple “Honey Dipped” donut at the Fenwick Bakery on old Harford Road.  These donuts don’t look like much to the eye but they are absolutely incredible. These donuts are light, fluffy, and have the right amount of sweetness. If all of that doesn’t do it for you then the price will.  A bag of pastries/donuts runs for about $6 (Good luck finding cheaper bakery prices in the city!)

The bakery itself is a small hole in the wall that has been in existence since 1913. A bakery this old has to be doing something right to stay around this long!

PSA:  If you want to get your hands on these honey dipped donuts then I suggest you get into the bakery early, especially on the weekends, as the honey dipped donut is their most popular item.

Fenwick Bakery Details:

7219 Harford Road

Parkville, Maryland 21234

Open: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday 7am-4pm, CLOSED SUNDAYS.

What is this page all about?

This blog is here to spotlight what I believe are the top eats in Baltimore.  Each blog post will have a “Best of” category in which I will tell you what the “best” eat is and why I believe it is the best in Baltimore.  I’ve been all over Baltimore finding different dishes that are the best around and am still expanding my food knowledge.  In addition to “Best of” dishes there will be occasional “Restaurant Spotlights” which will review “top notch food joints”.  I hope you enjoy! There is tons of great food in Baltimore and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you.

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