Best French Fries

Who doesn’t love a batch of French Fries? I’ve definitely got a huge weakness for some salty French Fries especially when I see them on menus of restaurants I love.  Lots of places make a solid French Fry but just a select few make amazing fries.

My favorite French Fry in Baltimore may not be a favorite for everyone due to the flavoring that this place puts on.  If you want to find my FAVORITE French fries in Baltimore you should head on down to Mt. Vernon’s Brewers Art.  The Rosemary Garlic Fries are the best I have found in the city.  They aren’t light on flavor and they are always cooked golden and crispy.  No matter what delectable food I get at this amazing restaurant, I always save room for an order of their fries.  In addition to the great fries they have an awesome in-house beer selection too that is sure to find a liking to everyone’s beer palette.  Another plus? You can choose between a very nice sit down meal, or a casual night at the bar with their great bar menu.

Brewers Art Location:

1106 North Charles Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Hours of Operation: OPEN DAILY 4pm-1:30am

Price of Fries? 5.00


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